In Room Massage
We have number of highly qualified masseurs specializing in Swedish, remedial, aromatherapy, reflexology and shiatsu. Beauty treatment available by our beautician in the comfort of your room.

Relax your mind, Rejuvenate your body, Renew your spirit

Relax… your chance to escape the world.
When total indulgence is required, pamper yourself (or a loved one) from head to toe!

Traditional Swedish Massage (60 minutes)
This is the Guesthouse signature massage. This fabulous, soothing and relaxing full body massage combats fatigue, tension, aches and pains and jet lag. A personalised massage that promotes a feeling of well-being.

Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes)
Renew and recharge with a full body aromatherapy massage. Our signature massage is combined with fragrant essential oils that relax and revitalise the body, mind and soul. Create your own unique blend or choose from the massage therapists own aromatherapy blends – Relax, Revive or Romance.  

What can you expect during a massage?
Our qualified and experienced massage therapists pamper you in the comfort of your own room. The massage therapist will consult you about the current state of your physical, mental and emotional health. This assists both client and therapist in deciding on the treatment for the session. During the massage, it helps to focus your attention on your breathing. Each inhalation offers a chance to draw fresh energy and inspiration into the body-mind, and each exhalation, an opportunity to dissolve tension, to let go anything that limits you, and to deepen your experience of relaxation. It is important to drink plenty of water after your massage as this assists in the detoxifying process. Don’t book anything in straight after these massages as you will be so relaxed you’ll just want to enjoy the feeling of pure and absolute bliss.

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