The Art Gallery is open to the public daily from 10.30am to 5.30 pm and displays a magnificent collection of paintings, sketches, photography and pottery.
The Art Gallery offers a much needed and respected service for artists and at the same time, Ulladulla Guest House continues with its mission to ensure that guests experience maximum enjoyment by having their works displayed throughout the Guest House.

Our next big event will be "Sale Away" . This event, opening on Saturday 3rd November at 3pm, will present to clients, guests and supporters of the arts, a unique opportunity to purchase work from some of the most exciting and collectible artists from this area.

For a short time only, a number of works will be discounted between 25% - 50%. The timing is right for that special gift with Christmas closing in. For those whose visit is short, there will be a "cash and carry section".

Current exhibitors at the Ulladulla Guest House Art Gallery include:

Dianne Gee
Dianne Gee is an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society. Dianne has worked as a book illustrator and graphics artist for more than twenty years and her work displays a splendid range of sketches and water colour paintings.

In the 1800's famous Japanese printmakers Hokusai and Hiroshige produced their celebrated "36 Views of Fuji". Dianne Gee 's last exhibition used this idea and featured the very popular 30 Views of Pigeon House - Budawangs to the Bay.

To see works from Dianne Gee's "Garden of Birds" exhibition, click on the button below.

Judy Trick  
Judy Trick is currently Artist in Residence in Kings College in Sydney , Judy uses the power of colour to express a diverse range of subjects from international experience. The prize-winning artist has numerous collections in both Australia and Great Britain.
George Sobierajski
George was born in 1946 of Polish and Russian parents. The family moved to Australia in 1952 and eventually settled in Canberra. George, a self taught artist, showed early promise winning many local competitions along the way. In 1981, with his wife and children, George moved to the South Coast where he enjoys painting the many varied aspects of the beautiful area. His love of the Australian countryside is evident in his vibrant land and seascapes. His paintings evoke a sense of serenity sought by many.
David Benson  
David Benson is a well known local artist, David exhibits mixed media works with an exotic influence from his travels in Asia and India . Since moving into this area David's works have been influenced by the timeless beauty of this piece of coastal splendour. David Benson's paintings hang in a number of leading galleries and board rooms of corporate Australia , in addition to being purchased by his many private clients. more>>
Giovanni Tozzetti
Giovanni Tozzetti has a background rich in arts, with studies in drawing, sculpture, fine arts and industrial design. Giovanni's recent works are an expression of ideas and emotions using essential forms and colours to achieve a harmony different from reality and portray a bold mix of figure studies, surrealistic images and abstract composition.
Maro Tozzetti
Maro Tozzetti is an internationally known artist. Maro studied at the National Art School , Sydney. Her paintings are influenced by her native beautiful Mediterranean country of Cyprus and focuses mainly on landscapes, seascapes, people and the environment.
Cherie Lidbury  
Cherie Lidbury obtained her BA Honours in Fine Arts at Curtin University, majoring in painting and drawing. Cherie is seduced by colour, texture and mark making - little nuances of 'deliciousness', these hidden 'bits' that you have to search for in a piece. Cherie has been experimenting with 'encaustic' which is an ancient technique using melted wax medium and pigments 'fused' to a ridged surface. The surface has a beautiful translucent quality as it is built up of many thin layers of encaustic.

The Art Gallery is open daily 10:30am till 5:30pm. Admission is free.
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